Gamrek is a name that came up by an indie game developer in Hong Kong. His vision is to bring fun to people by providing game application to mobile devices / consoles. Gamrek is current specialised in 2D games, but has the ability to design and develop his own game in 3D and soon there will be some games in 3D. In additional to this, Gamrek also has relatively good experience with AR (Augmented Reality) technology. The creator of Gamrek has participated the following game design contests including game jam. Here is a list of prize / award won:

  • 2012 Unity Game Jam (Hong Kong) Prize Winner
  • 2013 Global Game Jam Hong Kong, The Most Innovative Mobile Game
  • Top 10 Game Development Award 2012 Hong Kong
  • 2014 Global Game Jam Hong Kong, The “Mobile Match” Game Award

Most of the games above are already out in the market for download. Others will be coming soon. Check them out now! Other than self-publish game, there are some titles that Gamrek creator has worked with as a student or an employee.

  • Wind Chaser – a final year project in Hong Kong Polytechnic University and feature with combining brain wave and console game together
  • Ninja Saga – a social game that inspired by a Japanese comic series. It is available on Facebook and mobile platforms
  • McDonald’s AR Adventure – a mobile game that 6 different mini games featuring AR technology for a marketing campaign Bronze Award in Advertising and Marketing Category of Asia Smartphone Apps Contest 2014
  • Dice Jockey – a simple and addictive puzzle game where you can play on the go Bronze Award in Games and Edutainment Category of Asia Smartphone Apps Contest 2014

Educational Background

  • 2009 – 2010 Master in Multimedia & Technology at Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • 2006 – 2009 Msc Product Design & Technology at Loughborough University, UK


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