First review on Shadow of Mordor on PS3

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So I did pre-order Shadow of Mordor on my PS3. After I spent nearly 20 hours on this game. I can only describe it with one word:


And I can’t believe they actually released it on PS3. My point of view is if it can’t run properly on PS3, I am happy to get a PS4 version, I just need to put it on my To-Play-List. I think the game concept is good, I am still enjoying it. But the lag or the performance of the game is totally unacceptable.

Delay sound, delay control, button reaction is lag, the material or texture always delay so I can see just a white modelling on the screen. Things never loads up properly, slow and crash…. I crashed twice already during mission. And I have uploaded one of them on YouTube:



I wonder if they made a deal with Sony that to create a game that run badly on PS3, so encourage people to buy a PS4. If this is the case, I think they are doing a good job. I seriously consider of buying a PS4 right now. This is just INSANE!!!!!


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