Hong Kong (October 10, 2014) – Gamrek is unleashing some monkey powered gaming fun your way in its first made-for-mobile game, Jailbreak Islands!


Monkey See, Monkey Do

Fun loving and adorable monkeys are trapped on a variety of islands and are waiting for a skilled leader like you to lead them to safety.  Help them evade enemies, dodge traps and manoeuvre tricky environments in order to escape these treacherous islands.


Combo Power!

One of the most unique features of Jailbreak Islands is the ability to combine monkeys and create even more powerful animals!  Combine two monkeys together to create an ape, who will then be able to unlock pathways not otherwise accessible.  To reverse this, simply double-tap the ape to separate the monkeys.  This creates incredibly diverse gaming; just imagine the puzzles you’ll come across!


Some of the exciting features awaiting players include:

  • 48 challenging and innovative puzzle filled islands
  • Very diverse enemies, from skeletons to robots to ghastly ghosts
  • The power to combine monkeys
  • The inclusion of Eveyplay gameplay recording capabilities, to take videos and show off your awesome skills at monkeying around to all your friends too
  • Beautiful and crisp 8-bit inspired graphics


So what are you waiting for?  It’s time for some mischievous monkey business!


Jailbreak Islands – by Gamrek

Language: English

Available for: iOS, Android

iTunes: Get!

Highest Rank on iTunes:

#47 – Cannda Puzzle Games

#48 – United States Puzzle Games

Featured on iTunes Home Page as

Best New Game in 99 different counties

Google Play: Get!

Jailbreak Islands Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/jbislands

Everyplay: https://everyplay.com/jailbreak-islands

Demo: TRY NOW! (Require Unity Web Player)



Download a full set of images here!

JB Islands Screenshot 1
JB Islands Screenshot 1
JB Islands Screenshot 2
JB Islands Screenshot 2
JB Islands Screenshot 3
JB Islands Screenshot 3
JB Islands Screenshot 4
JB Islands Screenshot 4
JB Islands Screenshot 5
JB Islands Screenshot 5


Download video from here!


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