Sneaky Duck is a turned base game that only available on iOS! It integrates the native turned base feature from Game Center in iOS5 which allow player to start or continue the game on the go.

The aim of the game is to find out all the hidden duck inside your friend’s pool. Before a game starts, each player needs to put down 16 ducks inside your pool. Then each of you will take turn and choose a grid from your friend’s pool to attack. Player needs to work where are the ducks hiding since they have specific layout pattern – 5 ducks in a row, 4 ducks in a row, 3 in a row x 2 and a single duck.

Successfully hitting one duck will earn you coin, and you can spend on renting powerful weapon to hit multiple duck in one go!

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Stay connected with your friend via Game Center and find out where your friend hides your ducks!Auto-Match Feature Supports!- OBJECTIVE
Be the first one who find out the hidden ducks!- TURN-BASED GAMEPLAY
Challenge your friend on-the-go, take turns finding and play at anywhere!- WEAPON
Rent and use different weapon to help you beat your friend!1. Invite your friend or Auto-Match
2. Place the ducks on your pool
3. Choose different weapon and pick a grid
4. Tap the gun to attack
5. Wait for your opponent’s turn
6. Invite more friend to play!

This game has won a Award: Hong Kong Game Development Award 2012

Hong Kong Game Development Award 2012







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  • Project Type: Mobile Game
  • Award: Hong Kong Game Development Award 2012
  • Project Year: 2012

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