The Evil Within!

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So, the hottest game in nowadays is THE EVIL WITHIN! I can’t believe myself actually pre-ordered this game online which I had not done that for a while. Anyway, as you might know this game is produced by one of the creator of Resident Evil from PSOne, I was looking forward to something very similar to Resident Evil in the old days. But in fact, it is very different.

The part where I really like about Resident Evil games from PSOne is the puzzle. It means player has to get a key from one room to unlock another door or it has limited space of storage that player has to give up on some equipments to carry a key. It is just like player has to make a lot of choices within the game. However, in The Evil Within the case is not happening even though it is from the same creator. The game is more linear, player doesn’t not get stuck in one place to unlock more path. Actually, it is quite a disappointment to me.

If I had to pick which one is the most similar out of the Resident Evil series, it would be Resident Evil 5. And Resident Evil 5 is good, at least better than 6 😐 . Though I am only about half way through, I found there are less traps appeared as I process the game. Traps are very often been used in the first part of the game, but slowly disappeared. :(

The melee attack is another disappointment so far, I upgraded it twice. But it seems like doesn’t really help with damaging the enemy. :(

The mystery of the game so far I have is the character has to transfer to different places. And this is very confusing and in fact frustrating. This is the only part that makes me scare so far. I don’t really have too much problem with enemy jump out from nowhere or sudden movement of “dead” body, I think the trick is getting old.

All in all, I enjoy the game so far. I will keep on playing like 2 chapters a day. I think this is a very good pace for me. I hope I will enjoy the rest of the game. :)

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